While classic deficiency diseases were very uncommon in industrialized countries, there were a large number of individuals suffering from insufficiency of nutrients, which were contributing to ill health. Since I began integrating orthomolecular psychiatry and energy medicine, patients have remarked that their recovery seemed miraculous." One man who recovered from his anxiety disorder within a week told me that he nicknamed me Miracle Doc." (An endearing term, even if I have to say so myself.) Certain patients were able to eliminate their psychotic symptoms, panic attacks, depression, or mood swings in record time.

Until clinical trials are completed, it's premature to determine what role, if any, intravenous vitamin C may play in the treatment of cancer. Tranquilizers, unlike megavitamins, were immediately successful in alleviating symptoms, making orthomolecular medicine, which took time to work, appear ineffective by comparison.

In orthomolecular medicine typically megadoses (very high doses) of vitamins are used. Hoffer, Osmond and Pauling suggested that taking certain nutrients could directly influence the onset, severity, treatment and prevention of disease. In a comparison of British and West African children (the latter having considerably lower nutritional and hygiene status), there was no significant difference in the IgA output in intestinal secretions of well children (Croft et al., 1997).

Hoffer A. & Pauling L: Hardin Jones biostatistical analysis of mortality data for cohorts of cancer patients with a large fraction surviving at the termination of study. The purpose of OM is to prevent, relieve or cure diseases by varying the Ortho Molecular concentrations of substances normally present in the body.

As knowledge of the role T-regulatory cells play in the development of the mucosal immune system becomes available (Powell et al., 2010), the roles of infant feeding practices and nutritional status in driving changes in the developing T-regulatory cells have been shown to be important in influencing the mucosal immune system ontogeny (Palmer, 2011; Porto et al., 2011) and subsequent disease pathways (Romagnani, 2006).

1995 Dr. Riordan and colleagues publish their protocol for intravenous vitamin C treatment of cancer. Together, the duo would tackle Pauling's latest research quest: an exploration of orthomolecular medicine. Within orthomolecular medicine, the body is stimulated to heal itself by means of native substances, vitamins, minerals and other natural substances.

There are particular combinations of supplements that are used to help the body return to health from the abuse of specific substances. It is not only the job of nutrition to prevent diseases caused by a deficiency of specific nutrients such as scurvy (lack of vitamin C) or rickets (lack of vitamin D) in healthy people.

Pauling wanted to help people with his research on vitamin C, and in 1974 he opened a small outpatient clinic which was run by John Francis Frank" Catchpool, a doctor whom Pauling had met in 1959 while visiting Albert Schweitzer's medical hospital in Africa Unlike Schweitzer's venture, the Institute's clinic was immediately beset with major problems - liability was too high and funding was too low.

Eager to test their theory that vitamin B3 could help alleviate mental disease, Hoffer and Osmond began experimentation, dosing their schizophrenic patients with large amounts of niacin by adding it to their daily diets in the first double-blind tests performed in psychiatry.

Takes the Lead In the same year that Pauling fi rst wrote about orthomolecular psychiatry, Hoff er established the Canadian Schizophrenia Foundation, a non-profi t, charitable organization to promote the use of Orthomolecular Medicine in the treatment of mental disorders.

Clinicians should be aware that high-dose micronutrients may cause harm; eg, some micronutrients may increase the risk of developing prostate cancer or blunt the effects of certain cancer treatments. The book aims to further promote orthomolecular medicine by discussing its effectiveness and efficiency as a form of medical treatment.

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